UH Health Talks

University Hospitals is committed to helping our patients and the Northeast Ohio community manage their health and well-being. This is even more important during the current COVID-19 outbreak.

That is why UH is bringing our health experts to you through a series of virtual health talks. The virtual seminars include a presentation by physicians who are experts in their field, followed by a Q&A session. These events are free but registration is required.

Missed a live session? Don't worry, you can watch previously held sessions below.

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Senior couple, at home, wife kissing husband's cheek while he laughs with his eyes closed

What is Dementia? Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Learn more about dementia, its risk factors, early symptoms and treatment options.

Senior man and woman sleeping together in their bed

The Role of Sleep in Cardiometabolic Health

Learn more about the role of sleep and circadian systems in cardiometabolic health.

Illustration of a heart and heart beat for national atrial fibrillation awareness month observed in September

Atrial Fibrillation - What You Need to Know and Why You Should Care

Learn about the causes of afib, symptoms, risks of being diagnosed and the latest treatment options.

Woman sitting at dining table at home having a break from her work at the laptop

Stress Management and Resilience Training

Learn about the impact of stress on the body and S.M.A.R.T. steps toward resilience and wellbeing in your personal life and in the workplace.

Nurse helping a senior woman walking down the stairs

Parkinson’s Disease - Signs, Symptoms and Rehabilitation Options

Learn more about Parkinson's Disease, its signs and symptoms and current rehabilitation options, such as PT, OT and ST.

A distraught senior Asian woman suffering from pain in leg while sitting on sofa

Varicose and Spider Veins - More Than a Cosmetic Concern

Learn how common vein issues are in women, signs/symptoms, when to seek help, and the latest available treatment options.

Illustration of orange ribbon, stethoscope and paper brain cutout for Multiple sclerosis awareness

Multiple Sclerosis - Diagnosis, Subtypes and Treatment

Learn more about MS diagnosis, subtypes and treatment options such as disease modifying and symtomatic therapies.

A diabetic patient checking his blood sugar at home with the support of his wife.

Using Diabetes Medications to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

Learn more about the relationship between diabetes, hyperglycemia and cardiovascular disease.

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