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Living Donor Kidney Transplant

Celebrating Excellence in Living Donor Kidney Transplant

University Hospitals Transplant Institute has more than 50 years of excellence in living donor kidney transplant. We have been performing transplant surgeries since 1968, and take pride in the experience and expertise of our highly trained staff.

Refer a Patient or Request Information About Living Donor Transplant

To make a referral call 216-844-3689 or to request information from the Living Donor Kidney Transplant Team, please call 216-983-5138. Or, register to be a living donor at uh.donorscreen.org

The statistics are startling: At any time in the U.S., more than 100,000 people are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. Organs donated from those who have recently died do not keep up with the number of people needing transplants. Living donor kidney transplant takes place when a living person such as a sibling, parent, adult child or someone unrelated, donates a kidney.

Benefits of Living-Donor Kidney Transplant

Compared to kidneys from the deceased-donor kidney list, living donor kidneys last longer and have better kidney function. Wait time is frequently substantially shorter for living donor transplants as well. When donors are not compatible, the donor-recipient pair can enroll in the kidney-exchange program to find a match as well.

At University Hospitals, living kidney donation is performed laparoscopically, minimizing incision size. Most donors are in the hospital for a few days, and are able to return to work in a few weeks. Transplant procedures and follow-up care are performed at UH Cleveland Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

UH sets the standard in living donor kidney transplant as we continue to investigate state-of-the-art ways to improve transplant outcomes.

Donor Evaluation

Each kidney donor will be evaluated for compatibility and overall health and will meet with a donor advocate.

What to Expect

Find out what will happen on the day of and after the transplant surgery.


Have more questions about the living donor kidney transplant process? Browse our frequently asked questions.

Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Transplant Team

Our Living Donor Kidney Transplant Program brings together a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled medical experts who are experienced in living kidney donation:

  • Transplant surgeon
  • Transplant nephrologist (kidney specialist)
  • Dermatologists (for skin cancer screening)
  • Donor advocate
  • Registered dietitian
  • Transplant financial coordinator
  • Transplant nurse coordinator
  • Social worker
  • Administrative support

Patient Stories

Patricia’s Story

A chance conversation with a co-worker over lunch led to a life-changing kidney donation and a life-long friendship.

Kaylin’s Story

Eight years ago, Kaylin Cassity went to the hospital because she had been experiencing persistent headaches and nausea. According to Kaylin, that visit turned out to be truly life-saving.