Center for Hand Surgery Provides Comprehensive Treatment from Expert Plastic Surgeons

The Center for Hand Surgery at University Hospitals Department of Plastic Surgery in Cleveland, Ohio takes pride in offering a multidisciplinary team of plastic surgeons for most types of hand surgery.

Our acclaimed surgeons are experienced in performing both simple and complex surgery. Because we see a broad range of patients and health conditions at University Hospitals, we can successfully adapt to the most difficult surgical situation.

Fellowship-Trained Hand Surgery Team

At UH, we know the important role a patients’ hands play in helping them get through the day. That is why we offer a fellowship-trained surgical team that is skilled in both plastic and orthopedic hand surgery.

Our experts provide patients with the most medically advanced and comprehensive treatment to help their hands work correctly.

Hand Surgery Techniques

Our team of plastic surgeons uses a variety of hand surgery techniques to restore the form and function of the hands. Services include:

Improving Normal Hand Appearance

The hands are necessary in almost every task — from activities of daily living to work-related tasks to recreational play.

Our highly trained team of hand surgeons at UH is committed to restoring comfort and normal appearance to patients’ hands to increase their quality of life.

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