Patients Find Support in the Success of Others

Eye disorders, diseases and other visual problems can cause a great deal of anxiety for patients. At UH Eye Institute, we believe that reading about other patients who have been successfully treated for their eye condition can provide comfort and hope for others with similar problems.

Douglas Rhee, MD, and patient Janet Century teamed up to save her eyes from glaucoma

Janet’s Story

Regular eye examinations are vital to preserving vision. And when your profession as a photographer depends on your eyesight, this sense becomes even more important.

Jenny Eisenberger being examined

Area Woman Finds Relief After UH Ophthalmologist Diagnoses Rare Glaucoma

Jenny Eisenberger, 32, of Bath, Ohio, learned that she had glaucoma from a routine eye exam. Glaucoma often does not cause discomfort, pain or other symptoms that are noticed by a patient. In that way, it is a “silent” disease.

Chas' Story

Chas Lane thought he needed glasses, but his deteriorating vision was a sign of something much more serious.