UH Eye Institute Offers a Full Range of General Ophthalmology Services

University Hospitals Eye Institute offers a full range of complete family eye care services to seniors, adults and children.

Our eye care physicians and surgeons perform comprehensive eye exams and surgical evaluations. With several convenient locations throughout the region, we provide a broad spectrum of eye care, including routine vision care such as eye tests and prescriptions for contact lens and glasses.

Our eye doctors evaluate a broad range of eye symptoms including blurry vision, poor night vision, vision loss, loss of visual field, nearsightedness, eye pain, red eyes, eye itching and burning, tearing, eye fatigue, double vision and more.

Often, our patients are referred to us by a family doctor,optometrist, endocrinologist, neurologist, dermatologist, pediatrician or other medical specialist.

Offering Comprehensive Vision Assessments

Our general vision exams usually begin with an assessment of your vision and a test to determine whether your vision can be corrected with glasses. This includes checking eye pressure and eye alignment and examining the structures of the eye. The eyes will often be dilated so that the posterior structure of the eye, such as the retina and optic nerve, can be examined. If findings suggest a pathologic condition, special ancillary testing may be performed to provide additional information.

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