Patient Stories

Steve and his family celebrate with the Macedonia EMS squad and members of the UH Ahuja Stroke Thrombectomy Team that saved his life

Quick Teamwork Saves Patient from Major Stroke and Paralysis

Stephen Blackwell returned to his office after what he thought was a bout of stomach flu, but when an alert coworker detected symptoms of stroke, EMS rushed him to UH Ahuja Medical Center.

Matt and Laura Antenucci

Blood Clot Out of Nowhere Paralyzes Man in Department Store Parking Lot

Quick action by his wife and teamwork by the health pros in the UH Comprehensive Stroke system saved Matt Antenucci from debilitating effects of sudden stroke.

Aly Bobulsky on her wedding day

Aly's Story: Expert Removal of Benign Brain Tumor Spares Bride her Signature Smile

When doctors discovered a 4-centimeter tumor in Aly Bobulsky’s brain, her care team knew they needed to act fast – and because the tumor was pressing on the nerve that controls facial expression, the surgery would be a difficult one.

Amy's Story

Woman Receives Treatment to Improve Hearing Loss Caused by Tumors Hearing loss at any age can be devastating. But it can be especially devastating in a young adult when it can impact your ability to do your job. In 2002, Amy Haslage, a...

Bessie Chervon

Bessies Story

When Bessie Chervon suffered a stroke, she was transported by ambulance to her local community hospital. From there, she was subsequently transferred to University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center for further evaluation and treatment. Once at...

Bill's Story

Bills Story

One morning, TV anchor and reporter Bill Castrovince opened his mouth but could not speak. UH doctors found a glioblastoma wrapped around his brain's speech center. After surgery and treatment, Bill's motor function and speech has slowly but...

Chas' Story

Physicians Work Together to Spare Retired Police Sergeant from Blindness Chas Lane thought he needed glasses, but his deteriorating vision was a sign of something much more serious. The retired Cleveland police sergeant, who noticed loss of his...

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Daryl’s Story

Daryl Lawson was pulling out of his driveway to head to a friend’s house when his vision went haywire The 36-year-old said he could hear cars driving past him, but he couldn’t see them. He pulled over and called his wife. When she found him, he...

David's Story

David's Story

Stroke Screenings: From the ER to the Ambulance, Paramedics Utilize iPads for Assessment Dora Wrentmore was cooking kielbasa and sauerkraut for her family’s Easter celebration when her husband’s vision went dark in one eye. That was the first...

Ellen's Story

Ellen's Story

Subtle Symptoms Point to Benign Brain Tumor Her tongue tingled and her hearing was muffled, like a radio station with a fuzzy signal. And that was only on her right side. Her left eye was itchy, inflamed and continually irritated. Those seemingly...

Patient Stories

Erin's and David's Stories

Slurred Speech, Sudden Unilateral Weakness, Facial Droop – Act FAST Stroke can strike at any age, but fewer deficits experienced by patients who called 9-1-1 quickly. The room was spinning when Erin Vickers awoke early for work. Vomiting and...

Frances Noonan

Frances’ Story: The Stars Align

Caterer Frances Noonan has an eye for the best. She also knows luck can change in an instant, so her initiative brought her to UH Seidman Cancer Center to participate in a novel clinical trial to treat recurrent glioblastoma multiforme.

Tom and Janet Hintz

Janet’s Story

“It was truly like a miracle,” said Janet. “In the first three months, I had three migraines, instead of three or four a week. It was really life-changing.”

Karis Story

Doctors told Kari Crawford that her brain tumor was in-operable. That it was too difficult. That it just wasn’t possible. That’s when she turned to Dr. Andrew Sloan and University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio.

John Andrefsky, MD

Laurie’s Story

Advanced Protocols at UH Parma Medical Center Prevent Lasting Effects for Stroke Patient Laurie Duncan was relishing the relaxation of a community chicken barbeque on a crisp autumn day when the dizzying symptoms of a stroke hit. Suddenly...

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Leslie's Story

Man Receives Vaccine Made from His Own Cells to Prevent Return of Brain Tumor In late 2008, Leslie Robertson knew that something wasn’t right. He suffered from severe headaches, was unsteady on his feet and often became confused while performing...

Liz’s Story

Liz was afraid to do much of anything for fear of having a seizure Since the age of 12, Liz experienced seizures on a daily basis from a cavernous hemangioma that completely disrupted her life. She was afraid to take a bath for fear of drowning....

Mike's Story

Mike DeRubertis was diagnosed with tremor predominant Parkinson’s Disease in 2008. In 2017, Mike had Deep Brain Stimulation at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center and got his life back.

Stacy Tutak

Stacy's Story

Mother of Four Survives Stroke Thanks to Attentive Friend, Medical Care and Therapy Stacy Tutak, a 34-year-old mother of four, has made a remarkable recovery from a stroke, thanks to the expert care she received at University Hospitals Cleveland...

Stacy's Story

Mother of Four Survives Stroke Thanks to Attentive Friend, Medical Care and Therapy Stacy Tutak, a 34-year-old mother of four, has made a remarkable recovery from a stroke, thanks to the expert care she received at University Hospitals Cleveland...

Susan Klingshirn with Bashar Katirji, MD

Susan's Story

Science of Health: ALS Multidisciplinary Clinic Connects Patients with Specialists, Resources After the Ice Bucket Challenge: Monthly Clinic in Beachwood Provides Comprehensive Care for Patients with Progressive, Neurodegenerative Disease Dentist...

Todd McCuaig in interview

Todd’s Story

Todd was 52 when he collapsed on a bike ride from a ruptured brain aneurysm. Fortunately, friends called for help – and the team at UH Neurological Institute was waiting.