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Infusion Therapy

What to Expect at Your Infusion Therapy Treatment Visit

What happens at my treatment visit?
This is a basic, step-by-step plan of what you may expect at your first treatment visit. Some of the processes may vary depending on the site.

Front Desk Staff

What happens first +

  • The front desk staff checks you in and asks you to fill out any needed forms.
  • You will be asked for your driver’s license or photo ID and insurance card.

Treatment Nurse

What happens next +

  • The treatment nurse brings you back to a chair and takes your blood pressure, pulse, temperature and weight. Your weight is taken with your shoes off at each visit so that we can check that your medicine dose is correct.
  • The nurse then reviews your treatment plan and answers your questions.
  • The treatment nurse starts an IV and draws blood if needed. It can take up to an hour for lab results to come back. It saves time if you have a blood draw a few days before your visit.
  • Lab results are reviewed and your treatment orders are double-checked as part of a safety check.

Pharmacist or Treatment Nurse

What happens next +

  • The pharmacist double checks your orders for safety.
  • Your medications are made at the time of your visit and cannot be made ahead of time. This can take up to an hour.
  • The pharmacist is available to answer questions about your treatment.
  • A final double check of the medicines is performed with another treatment nurse.
  • The treatment nurse gives you your treatment and may need to watch you for a while after your treatment is done (this depends on the medicine you receive). Your nurse will tell you if you need to stay after your treatment, as needed.

Common Questions and Answers

Safety During Your Visit