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Continuity of Care in the Comfort of Your Home

Home healthcare offers your professional medical care in the comfort of your own home. At University Hospitals Home Care Services, our staff is available around the clock to provide you and your family with the same high-quality, compassionate care you have come to rely on from University Hospitals. UH Home Care Services makes it easy for you to transition from a hospital or other care facility to the familiar comfort of your own home.

Skilled Nursing

The home nurse is your resource for a safe and rapid recovery. He or she will visit you at home to teach you - and your family or other caregivers - how to best meet your daily medical care needs. The nurse will also discuss a variety of topics, including safe administration of medication, wound care, as well as provide education about diet and activity.

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

UH Home Care offers comprehensive rehabilitation services to help patients of all ages to achieve an optimal level of functional independence. Our therapists and social workers work in collaboration with physicians and other members of the home care team to make this goal a reality.

Infusion Pharmacy

Our Infusion Pharmacy provides specialized services for pediatric to geriatric patients receiving infusion or injectable medication in their home. Our reimbursement specialists are dedicated to ensure appropriate reimbursement for complex home infusion services.

Pediatric Services

Our pediatric team addresses the unique physical and emotional needs of children. Our staff delivers the latest breakthroughs in healthcare services, including infusion therapy. We balance technical expertise with family centered care, teaching the family about the child’s illness or injury and how it can be best treated. To assure continuity of care, we keep physicians well informed regarding the child’s progress.

Women’s Health Services

UH Home Care offers a full range of women’s healthcare programs. Our customized programs offer a cost-effective alternative to expensive long-term hospital stays. Our staff are specialists in both pregnancy and postpartum care for high-risk patients. Our comprehensive disease management ensures positive outcomes and ongoing communication from our home care nurse keeps your caregivers informed on your progress.

Continuity of Care

This program provides high quality, supportive care services to patients and their families. The program’s liaison will be there to guide and assist them across care settings, collaborating with providers at University Hospitals, UH Home Care and Hospice Care to ensure that the changing needs and goals of the patient are being met.

Factor Advantage

Our premier Comprehensive Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) is dedicated to meeting the special needs of patients with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. Our Factor Advantage offers cost savings through reduced drug pricing, which represents significant savings and extends your lifetime insurance maximum. By receiving care at one of only 140 federally funded HTCs in the nation, you or your child may be able to participate in clinical research and benefit from the latest treatment options.

Medical Social Work

Services such as counseling or helping a patient identify needed resources within the community will help an individual with his or her social and emotional concerns following an illness or surgery.

Wound Care

Home care is an extension of the care you received for your wounds in the acute care setting. The home care nurse will communicate with your physician to establish the best possible course of treatment to promote wound healing. He or she will provide education on the prevention and treatment of bed sores and diabetic ulcers. Education will also be provided on how to observe the wound for healing as well as the steps needed to prevent infection. The home care nurse will transfer the knowledge of wound care procedures to both you and/or your caregiver. He or she will ensure you have adequate supplies to perform the wound care. Through collaboration with your physician, a registered dietician and your nurse, the goal of achieving positive outcomes for wound healing will be achieved.

Nutritional Counseling

A Registered Dietician (RD) is available to help manage your current medical condition and promote a healthy diet. The RD collaborates with your physician, pharmacist, and home healthcare nurse to ensure your nutritional goals are being met. After review of your medical and diet history, blood tests, and physical measurements, the RD will work with you to establish an individualized meal plan. The RD will suggest ways to keep you on track and provide ongoing support and encouragement.