Corporate Nutrition Services

University Hospitals Digestive Health Institute’s Clinical Nutrition Services offers excellent educational and interactive programs for groups and corporate health fairs in Northeast Ohio.

Professional Presentations

Registered dietitian nutritionists from University Hospitals provide nutrition education programs to groups on a range of nutrition topics. These on-site presentations usually last 1 to 2 hours.

Possible topics to consider include:

  • “Mindful Eating: Taking the Emotions out of Mealtime”
  • “From My Pyramid to My Plate: New Dietary Recommendations for Americans”
  • “Fad Diets: Friend or Foe. How to Lose Weight Successfully”
  • “Enhance Energy and Work Performance through Nutrition”
  • “Trans Fat Dilemma: The Truth”
  • “How to Master Meatless Meals”
  • “From Worksite to Restaurants: How to Eat Healthy on the Go”

Health Fair Participation

At local health fairs or events, UH registered dietitian nutritionists offer a number of assessments such as meal composition assessment and determining body mass index (BMI). Our registered dietitians provide participants with demonstrations and educational materials on healthy eating and wellness.

Reliable Recipe and Menu Analysis

Our trained registered dietitian nutritionists use the Food Processor Nutrition Analysis Software to calculate the nutrient composition of specific recipes and/or menus. After this analysis, the client receives a PDF spreadsheet containing food components such as total calories, total fat, saturated fat, protein, carbohydrates, sugars, fiber, cholesterol, vitamins and minerals.

Such detailed nutritional information is helpful to corporate clients if they choose to offer nutrition educational tools for employees. Once this information is available, our registered dietitian nutritionists can help provide options for those employees trying to follow healthier diets. By working with employees to help them practice mindful eating habits, the benefits of improved employee health will show through increased productivity.

Individualized Diet Counseling

For a personalized approach, clients can meet with our registered dietitian nutritionists to assess their individual diets. The registered dietitian nutritionist will gather information such as current drinking/eating habits, food selections and supplement use. The client will receive nutrition recommendations to help meet health, weight and nutrition goals. Clients receive a detailed diet and nutrition goal summary to help them understand their eating/meal schedule, portion sizes and food preferences.

Individual Diet Analysis

Our registered dietitian nutritionists (RDN) use the reliable Food Processor Nutrition Analysis program that:

  • Analyzes nutrient intake
  • Calculates nutrient recommendations
  • Evaluates client dietary needs
  • Provides information in a variety of easy to understand formats

  • Additionally, the Food Processor analyzes basic food components such as total calories, total fat, protein and carbs, among others. After compilation by a registered dietitian nutritionist, corporate clients receive a summary of reports including a comprehensive spreadsheet containing food components, vitamins and minerals. This is a great way for clients to see their actual food and beverage intake.

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