Proactively Addressing Mental Health Concerns at the Local Level

With a shortage of psychiatric care for people with mental illness nationally, the UH Department of Psychiatry—through four programs—offers community psychiatry services to local entities to address mental health concerns.

Public Academic Liaison Program

The Public Academic Liaison Program is a long-standing collaboration between the Department of Psychiatry and the Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board of Cuyahoga County. The ADAMHS board manages 37 community mental health agencies serving Medicaid recipients’ mental health needs ranging from small specialty programs in housing, vocational rehabilitation, homeless and crisis services and psychiatric care. In the past nearly 30 years, the Department of Psychiatry has provided more than 600,000 clinical hours to these agencies. Faculty, fellows and residents spend part of their week providing care in the community.

The Public and Community Psychiatry Fellowship

The Fellowship in Public and Community Psychiatry is focused on training individuals to move into leadership positions in public and community psychiatry settings. With the increased focus on integrating primary care in public and community mental health settings, the fellowship has focused on developing a work force with the skills to help manage these transitions. Many graduates hold positions of leadership in Cuyahoga County, the Start of Ohio and nationally.

The Center for Evidence-Based Practices

The Center for Evidence-Based Practices provides expert consultation services for “best practices” in community mental health services.

The All-Ohio Institute on Community Psychiatry

Since 1995, the biennial All-Ohio Institute has served as a statewide celebration and showcase for best practices in community mental health services in Ohio. With each institute drawing 400 participants, this multidisciplinary, participatory educational event has become a highlight for the entire mental health community, and a hallmark of Public and Community Psychiatry at UH and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.