ENT Patient Stories at University Hospitals

Our Dedicated ENT Team Is Helping Patients Every Day

University Hospitals Ear, Nose & Throat Institute is dedicated to providing the highest level of care for patients of all ages: from the simple – such as treating recurrent ear infections in children – to the very complex, such as removing tumors at the base of the skull, or even helping restore a patient's hearing. Here are a few stories of patients who have benefited from our team's expertise.

Levestor and Lyvette Johnson

Levestor’s Story

At a routine checkup, Levestor Johnson mentioned a sore and scratchy throat. A followup with a UH ear, nose and throat specialist revealed cancer cells in his left tonsil.

Aly Bobulsky on her wedding day

Aly's Story: Expert Removal of Benign Brain Tumor Spares Bride her Signature Smile

When doctors discovered a 4-centimeter tumor in Aly Bobulsky’s brain, her care team knew they needed to act fast – and because the tumor was pressing on the nerve that controls facial expression, the surgery would be a difficult one.

Sleep surgery patient Colin Vivolo stands along Route 555

“Alive for the First Time in Many Years”

Ten years after being diagnosed with sleep apnea and not feeling like he should, Colin sought help from Amy Schell, MD, an otolaryngologist specializing in sleep surgery.

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Ellen's Story: Subtle Symptoms Point to Benign Brain Tumor

Her tongue tingled and her hearing was muffled, like a radio station with a fuzzy signal. And that was only on her right side. Her left eye was itchy, inflamed and continually irritated. Those seemingly minor symptoms hinted at a larger problem:...

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Maggie's Story: Teen Girl Born Deaf Receives the Gift of Hearing

Maggie Gleason was born a fighter. She flatlined twice at birth. Her lungs collapsed. Her kidneys and heart were weak. She had a cleft palate and needed a feeding tube. The 14-year-old from Lorain, Ohio, adapted and overcame through surgery and...