ENT Patient Stories at University Hospitals

Our Dedicated ENT Team Is Helping Patients Every Day

University Hospitals Ear, Nose & Throat Institute is dedicated to providing the highest level of care for patients of all ages: from the simple – such as treating recurrent ear infections in children – to the very complex, such as removing tumors at the base of the skull, or even helping restore a patient's hearing. Here are a few stories of patients who have benefited from our team's expertise.

Aly Bobulsky on her wedding day

Aly's Story: Expert Removal of Benign Brain Tumor Spares Bride her Signature Smile

When doctors discovered a 4-centimeter tumor in Aly Bobulsky’s brain, her care team knew they needed to act fast – and because the tumor was pressing on the nerve that controls facial expression, the surgery would be a difficult one.

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Ellen's Story: Subtle Symptoms Point to Benign Brain Tumor

Her tongue tingled and her hearing was muffled, like a radio station with a fuzzy signal. And that was only on her right side. Her left eye was itchy, inflamed and continually irritated. Those seemingly minor symptoms hinted at a larger problem: a...

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Maggie's Story: Teen Girl Born Deaf Receives the Gift of Hearing

Maggie Gleason was born a fighter. She flatlined twice at birth. Her lungs collapsed. Her kidneys and heart were weak. She had a cleft palate and needed a feeding tube. The 14-year-old from Lorain, Ohio, adapted and overcame through surgery and...

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