The Nutritional Health & Bariatric Surgery Center Provides Successful Weight Loss for Patients

The team of experts at the Nutritional Health & Bariatric Surgery Center at University Hospitals offers the very latest advancements in surgical weight loss techniques to help patients find a healthier and more active lifestyle through successful weight loss. The following patient success stories are an inspiring testament to how weight loss surgery can have a tremendously positive impact on a person’s life. These personal journeys communicate the true life-changing differences that significant weight loss can offer.

Enjoying Life to the Fullest after Weight Loss Surgery

Born and raised in Ohio, Amanda McGowan was a normal, healthy child of average weight for the first decade of her life. But, when she was eleven, life took a sad turn. She lost both her father and her grandmother in one year, leaving Amanda and...

Smiling woman who lost weight thanks to bariatric surgery.

April's Story

April Gajoch tried diet after diet when she began gaining weight after high school, but nothing worked long-term, and she was frustrated with the constant uphill battle. When she first considered weight loss surgery, April called several...

Young Mom Now Has the Energy to Keep Up With Her Son After Weight Loss Surgery

Imagine losing weight without even thinking about it. That is what Ashley Burch, 26, did as she dropped more than 100 pounds in a year, without feeling hungry or tired.

Woman Goes from Size 26 to Size 8 in Less Than a Year Following Gastric Bypass Surgery

Consuela Nobles-Williams, 34, weighed more than 300 pounds when a very close friend of hers died suddenly from complications of obesity. A young mother of four, Consuela worried that this could happen to her if she did not lose the excess weight.

Courtney Pound after weight loss procedures

Bariatric Surgery Helps Patient Reclaim Health

Before Courtney Pound’s bariatric sleeve surgery, her primary care physician was very concerned about her. After having the procedure done with Mujjahid Abbas, MD, she says that her life has not been the same.

Avid Runner, 44, Schedules Colonoscopy that Catches Cancer

A Spot of Blood, A Warning Sign—On the same day last March, Elizabeth Brandewie, MD, saw the giant inflatable colon on display at University Hospitals St. John Medical Center for Colon Cancer Awareness Month, and also read a New York Times article...

Local Woman Learns Importance of Screening Colonoscopy After Colon Cancer Diagnosis

“Every year I received a card in the mail, saying I was due for an annual PAP smear and exam, and I had gone to those appointments religiously,” Ellen said.

Young Attorney Sheds Pounds, Gains Confidence After Undergoing Gastric Bypass Surgery

Heather Moseman, 40, is a successful businesswoman and attorney who appeared to have everything going for her – with one exception.

Dropping Pounds, Gaining Better Health

Couple Commits to Bariatric Surgery to Set an Example for Their Children

Jill's Story

Firefighter and EMT, Jill Boden lost 100 pounds after weight loss surgery at University Hospitals and now enjoys a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Bariatric Surgery at University Hospitals Helps Patient Lead a Happier and More Energized Life

After battling obesity nearly all of her life, Julie Szitas experienced a tragic and life-changing event at age 30, when her mother died of complications related to obesity and heart disease.

UH Nurse, Katie Miskulin, Loses 110 Pounds in Less Than One Year after Gastric Bypass Surgery

At age 25, Katie Miskulin of Kirtland, Ohio, weighed 281 pounds. Heavy most of her life, Katie had tried many of the popular diets and had even hired a personal trainer to lose weight, unfortunately without long term success.

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Kenneth's Story

Kenneth Cahill had been steadily gaining weight for years. By 2012, he was up to nearly 480 pounds and was on several medications.

Bariatric Experts Help Gastric Bypass Patient Overcome Lifelong Weight Issues with Compassion and Continued Support

Marianne Dergham, of Gates Mills, Ohio, had always struggled with her weight. By age 23, there were signs that it was starting to affect her health. According to her doctor, her cholesterol was high, and diabetes was looming.

Woman Loses 100 Pounds with Lap Band Surgery, Gains Confidence to Earn College Degree

Marie Silbaugh said she had dreamed of being thin her entire life, but she just could not lose weight and keep it off. The 46-year-old had tried most of the popular diets — low-carb, low fat, pre-prepared and portion controlled.

Rebecca Rym pictured before and after weight loss procedures

Weight Loss Surgery Reverses Declining Mental Health

Depressed and grappling with rapid weight gain following her parents’ deaths, Rebecca Rym needed a lifeline. The Lorain County server contacted area hospitals, but her calls went unanswered until she reached University Hospitals Parma Medical Center.

Patients Share Their Life-Changing Experiences at University Hospitals Parma Medical Center

Susan Gagliardi, like Tanya Sasala, opted for laparoscopic bariatric surgery last year. Both women who only have five small scars following minimally invasive surgery, now speak confidently at the New Perspectives support group about the many ways...

Patients Share Their Life-Changing Experiences at University Hospitals Parma Medical Center

After struggling all her life with her weight, 38-year-old mother of three Tanya Sasala took control of her future by attending the Bariatric Surgery Information Session.

Local Man Diagnosed with Colon Cancer Urges Others Not to Ignore Symptoms

Even though his wife had her recommended colorectal cancer screening at University Hospitals, 53-year-old Terry Wise of Cleveland put his routine colonoscopy on the back burner.

Father of Two Earns New Lease on Life After Losing 200 Pounds with Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Victor Oddo dreamed of the future and one day walking his daughters down the aisle at their weddings; but with his weight at 469 pounds, he believed his days were numbered.

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