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What to Expect Before, During and After Your Surgery

Before surgery

You will be evaluated by the surgeon and dietician and nursing staff to determine your appropriateness for weight loss surgery. They will help guide you through your weight loss journey. Once you have been deemed a candidate, then you will be evaluated thoroughly to ensure that you will get through your procedure safely. The risk of having a complication with weight loss surgery is much less than 1%. University Hospitals has 3 nationally accredited hospitals where bariatric surgery is performed.

During surgery

You will come to the hospital on the day of your procedure. Prior to your surgery you will have another visit with the team to confirm you are ready for surgery. You can expect to be in the hospital for 1 – 3 days on average, depending on your procedure. You will be followed closely postoperatively to ensure you have a smooth recovery. You will be counseled extensively throughout the process on diet, exercise and lifestyle changes to maximize your success with weight loss surgery.

After surgery

You are considered a friend for life with the bariatric team! You will have several visits in the first 3 months after surgery and then these will be spaced out based on your individual need. You will visit with our program at least yearly to make sure you are doing well and nutritionally are not having any issues. You may visit with our dieticians as often as needed to help you find the dietary regimen best for you. We also have surgeons, nurse practitioners, and nurses who are available for ongoing support throughout your recovery. There are also support groups throughout the greater Cleveland area to help you through your journey.