Weight Loss Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is bariatric surgery?

Who is eligible for bariatric surgery?

Is bariatric surgery the easy way out?

Is there anything I should do before bariatric surgery?

Will I gain back my weight?

Will I need to diet after bariatric surgery?

Will I get dumping syndrome?

Will I go off of medications after bariatric surgery?

How long after bariatric surgery until I can exercise?

What do I do about excess skin after weight loss?

Can I really reduce the risk of cancer by losing weight?

Can I get pregnant safely after bariatric surgery?

Can bariatric surgery really treat my acid reflux?

Will I lose my hair and teeth?

Additional Answers to More Frequently Asked Questions

Experts at the UH Nutritional Health & Bariatric Surgery Center are happy to help patients get answers to their questions about weight loss surgery. The following are commonly asked questions with reliable answers from our top weight loss team:

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