Our Vision

Impact of research and education infographic

The vision of the Research & Education Institute is to establish UH as the next-generation academic health system dedicated to accelerating discovery, innovation, and translation of scientific breakthroughs which address unmet clinical needs and enhance the lives of our patients, our community, and the world.

The vision is characterized by being a renowned integrated health system deeply engaged in rich clinical and translational research with a healthy system-based research institute that:

  • Advances the standard of care by developing, testing and implementing new therapies that improve the health of our patients, the community and the world.
  • Succeeds along the full continuum of research from discovery to commercialization.
  • Leads in population health and contributes to improved health status in Northeast Ohio.
  • Encourages and participates in team science
  • Organizes broad and diverse partnerships
  • Emphasizes a culture of life-long learning