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Caring for Your 6-Month-Old

Positive Parenting

  • During the next six months, your baby will start to develop skills that help them crawl on their hands and knees and even begin to walk.
  • Encourage your child to continue to learn new things through activities and play that teach cause and effect. Play disappearing and reappearing games. Hold a toy in your hands and close your hand and say “Where did it go?” Open your hands and say “Here it is.”
  • Show your child different ways to make toys work. Talk to them about how it is working.
  • Stay calm and take care of yourself. It is easier to take care of your active baby when you are feeling good. Make time for yourself and your partner.
  • Media use should be very limited and only when an adult is standing by to co-view, talk, and teach. For example video-chatting with family along with parents. Do not use screens to occupy your baby. All screens should be off during meal times.

This document contains general parenting information based on American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations and is not meant to replace the expert advice of your pediatrician.