Caring for Your 2-Year-Old

Positive Parenting

Being a toddler involves a lot of falling, giggling and crying. As toddlers grow and explore the world, parents can provide positive experiences. The sense of being loved and secure is a strong foundation for emotional growth.

Play with your child, it makes it easier for you to deal with all the issues that arise as they start to assert themselves.

Playing pretend with your child will help them use their imagination. Have a pretend dinner for favorite dolls and stuffed animals.

Reasoning with a two-year old is often difficult. They think of everything in simple terms. Therefore be sure to choose your words carefully. If your child starts to get upset, find gentle ways to calm them down.

Make time for yourself and your partner.


This document contains general parenting information based on American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations and is not meant to replace the expert advice of your pediatrician.