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What to Expect During Joint Replacement Surgery

The number of patients living with hip and knee arthritis has dramatically risen over the last decade and subsequently replacement of arthritic hips and knees continues to rise. A large part is due to advanced skills and training of orthopedic surgeons who are embracing technological and surgical advances to provide safe and effective results to their patients. “Both procedures are extremely successful at eliminating pain, correcting deformity, and improving mobility so patients can regain their quality of life” says Rikesh Patel, DO, an orthopedic total joints surgeon who recently joined University Hospitals.

Rikesh Patel, DO
Rikesh Patel, DO

Dr. Rikesh Patel is a qualified and competent fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon who strives to provide the best outcomes for his patients and get them back to a healthy and active lifestyle. Dr. Patel treats many conditions of the hip and knee, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and avascular necrosis to name a few. He tailors his approach to provide conservative care when appropriate and working with patients and their families to help develop a path to total joint replacement of hips and knees when deemed necessary.

Dr. Patel utilizes advanced minimally invasive and muscle sparing surgical techniques for hip and knee replacements. He strongly believes in employing these surgical techniques to help get his patients moving after surgery. According to Dr. Patel, “most patients will begin walking on the day of their surgery and the majority of patients are sent home with instructions for further therapy.” This provides the patient with the quickest, most pain-free return to their active lifestyle after joint replacement surgery.

Total joint replacement surgery usually takes one to two hours and is typically performed in a hospital setting. The procedure is usually performed under spinal anesthesia and often in combination with a nerve block to allow for better pain control with less anesthesia and a quicker recovery. Dr. Patel’s focus on soft-tissue preservation has allowed his patients to experience a more comfortable post-surgical recovery period. This sort of rapid recovery also allows patients to return to their homes faster. Less time in the hospital means a quicker return to activity, exercise, and work. Dr. Patel believes patient satisfaction starts at the first office visit and maintains a close relationship with all of his patients.

Rikesh Patel, DO sees patients at UH Orthopedics Streetsboro, 9318 State Route 14 and UH Portage Orthopedics, 6847 North Chestnut Street, Suite 105 in Ravenna. To schedule an appointment call, 330-577-3933.