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Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Services Close to Home

You don’t have to be a competitive athlete to see a sports medicine doctor. You don’t have to be an athlete at all.

Jacob Calcei, MD
Jacob Calcei, MD

Most patients do not play competitive sports, but deal with acute or chronic injuries from exercise, training or even from their jobs.

Whether you’re hurting from a chronic repetitive stress injury or an acute injury from a fall, sports medicine programs use the same diagnostic tools and non-operative treatments they use with pro athletes to help the body heal.

“Even musicians and mechanics get sprains and strains doing what they love,” says Jacob Calcei, MD, a University Hospitals sports medicine specialist. “Sports medicine is about evaluating and treating patients with an acute injury or chronic problem and getting them back to work and other activities they enjoy. Our goal is to help restore mobility to keep our patients moving and active.”

Common Injuries

Commonly treated ailments involve knees, shoulders, hips, and backs – pretty much all the moving body parts.

Most injuries don’t require surgery. With proper treatment and rehabilitation, most patients can return to activity at, or near 100 percent. Advances in injectable medications and diagnostic ultrasound have made non-surgical treatments much more effective.

Sports medicine doctors identify and repair injured muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons with nonoperative measures, when possible, with treatments including injections of steroids and other therapies such as platelet-rich plasma, which helps create a healing response at the site of injury. Ultrasound imaging allows doctors to inject therapeutics to the precise location of the injury, and track progress of the repair. The treatments are used for athletes and non-athletes alike.

They work with our highly trained rehabilitation specialists at UH Portage Medical Center to help people of all ages regain independence, function and confidence after an illness or injury.

Within our centers for rehab services, experienced physical therapists, and occupational therapists work one-on-one with each patient to help them reach their personal goals and improve activities of daily living.

“While most patients come through the door because they are hurt, sports medicine programs also work with patients on injury prevention, nutrition, and performance enhancement. Psychological aspects of injury and rehabilitation are also an important part of the program. It is important to individualize care based on the patient and their specific injury, while treating the patient as a whole,” Dr. Calcei says.

Dr. Calcei’s offices are located at:

UH Portage Orthopedic Center
6847 N Chestnut St., Suite 105
Ravenna, OH 44266

UH Streetsboro Health Center
9318 State Route 14, Suite B
Streetsboro, OH 44241

Make an appointment today by calling 216-983-PLAY.

UH Rehabilitation Services in Portage County include locations in Ravenna, Kent, and Streetsboro.

To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call:

Ravenna: 330-297-2770
Kent: 330-676-9544
Streetsboro: 330-626-5701