Vascular Neurology Conferences and Seminars

All vascular neurology fellows regularly attend conferences and seminars in neurology, neurocritical care, neurosurgery and neuroradiology as well as periodic special seminars, journal clubs, lectures in basic science, didactic courses and regional and national conferences.

In addition, fellows are welcome to attend an extensive list of conferences in general neurology to assist in preparation for the neurology board examination, often taken during the beginning of the fellowship year.

Conference and Committee Schedule
Conference / Committee Day / Time
Stroke & Neurocritical Care Conference Tuesday 12-1 p.m., weekly
Neurology Grand Rounds Friday 8-9 a.m., weekly
Vascular & Skull Base Conference Wednesday 3-4 p.m., weekly
Stroke Quality Committee Wednesday 11-12 p.m., monthly
Stroke Operations Meetings Wednesday 4-5 p.m., quarterly
UH Systems Stroke Committee Wednesday 5:15-6:30 p.m., quarterly
Morbidity and Mortality Conference Thursday 4-5 p.m., monthly
Clinical Pathological Conference Thursday 4-5 p.m., monthly
General Service Conference Wednesday 12-1 p.m., weekly
CDC Prion Center CPC Friday 3-4 p.m., monthly
Epilepsy Grand Rounds Monday 8-9 a.m., monthly
Neuromuscular Grand Rounds Friday 9:30 a.m., monthly
Neurology Boot-Camp Various, beginning of academic year
Neurosciences Journal Club Monday 12-1 p.m., weekly
Neurosciences Seminar Thursday 12-1 p.m., weekly
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