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Endocrinology conferences are held throughout the years of training in the Case Western Reserve University/University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center Endocrinology Fellowship and are focused on supplementing clinical and research training in the program. Required scheduled conferences include the following:

Clinical Care Endocrinology Conference

The clinical care conference is run by fellows who present unusual and complex cases they encounter during training. Other trainees in attendance as well the faculty provide feedback, suggestions and additional discussion.

Endocrinology Didactic Lectures

Didactic lectures are given weekly by faculty members during the first three months of each academic year, covering approaches and overview of specific topics in the field of endocrinology.

Journal Club Participation

The Journal Club is a weekly conference where a trainee reviews an article and provides critique of the publication. Several faculty members attend this activity along with all trainees who are expected to be active participants in the discussion.

Weekly Endocrine Grand Rounds

During the weekly Endocrine Grand Rounds, each trainee will present on a topic of their choosing, one time during the year. The material is reviewed ahead of the presentation date by the program director who provides guidance and oversight. The rest of the sessions for Grand Rounds are given by faculty and invited speakers from different departments and/or institutions.

Additional Endocrinology Conferences Available

Additional endocrinology conferences are available for those interested but are not required, including:

  • Grand Rounds by the Department of Medicine
  • Research conferences
  • Weekly Morbidity & Mortality conference
  • Weekly Pediatric Endocrine conference