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UH Suburban Health Center Tenant List

Cleveland Mobile Medical Massage
Massage Therapist: Steve Wainkroot
Suite 004
Phone: 216-469-0978

CustomCare MD, LLC
Suite 213
Phone: 216-382-1520
Fax: 216-297-3233

Ophthalmic Consultants & Surgeons
Suite 306A
Phone: 216-291-9770
Fax: 216-291-0550

Michael Kessinger, DPM
Suite 059
Phone: 216-297-3199
Fax: 216-297-3213

Karen Rodriguez-Velazquez, DPM

Kay McKenzie M.D.
Suite 302
Phone: 216-691-9420

Pulmonary & Critical Care
Drs. Renston & DiMarco
Suite 203
Phone: 216-297-3168
Fax: 216-297-3169

Retina Center of Ohio
Suite 230
Phone: 216-382-3366
Fax: 216-382-4959

University Hospitals Suburban Endoscopy Center
Suite 120
Phone: 216-691-0100
Fax: 216-291-0200

University Hospitals Suburban Dental Group
Suite 157
Phone: 216-381-6521
Fax: 216-381-9226

University Hospitals Suburban Pediatrics
Suite 034
Phone: 216-297-2700
Fax: 216-381-3770

University Surgeons
Suite 107
Phone: 216-382-7146
Fax: 216-382-2860

Village in the Heights
Suite: 102
Phone: 216-297-3179