Welcome to the Department of Medical Education at University Hospitals Parma Medical Center

The staff of UH Parma Medical Center is committed to providing the best educational experience possible in the setting of high-quality, patient-centered care. UH Parma Medical Center offers a multidisciplinary curriculum to engage students and residents in not just the science but the vocation of medicine. Our focus is to train well-rounded physicians interested in giving back to the community through service, leadership and education.

As a part of University Hospitals, UH Parma Medical Center is able to share in the long-standing tradition of excellence in both patient care and education. We share this commitment with both our pre- and post-doctoral medical education programs. By partnering with UH we are able to draw on a full range of medical disciplines and experience while maintaining a personalized approach to the individual. Our vision is to provide the highest-quality, most compassionate care to patients in the community where they live, while providing an educational environment that will ensure future generations have the very best care.

UH Parma Medical Center started its training programs in 2014 as part of this ongoing commitment of UH to the communities it serves. Our programs incorporate patient care and didactics within a multidisciplinary approach. We provide an educational experience that can be difficult to obtain at larger academic centers. Our personalized focus on patient care underlies a focus on educating our students and residents. We are large enough to provide complete exposure to virtually all facets of primary and specialty care, while being small enough to give each individual student and resident the attention they require.

Medical training is now more complex than ever, but knowing the science of medicine is simply not enough to be the physician you want to be or provide the care patients require. UH Parma Medical Center is looking for students and residents that are interested in the holistic care of the patients and their families. We are committed to helping you become the very best physician you can be.

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Christopher J. Loyke, DO
Chief Medical Officer
Director, Medical Education
UH Parma Medical Center