Offering Comprehensive Rehab for Stroke and Neurological Conditions

Each year, stroke affects millions of Americans – from the nearly 800,000 who suffer a new or recurrent stroke, to the tens of thousands left to care for and aid in their recovery. For survivors, rehabilitation is a critical part of that recovery, often resulting in significant changes to how they live their lives. Choosing the right rehabilitation provider is an important choice in returning survivors to function and independence.

At University Hospitals Avon Rehabilitation Hospital, a medical team specializing in physiatry, physical medicine and rehabilitation provides care for patients recovering from stroke.

The stroke program offers a variety of care strategies to help return day-to-day function and independence to individuals recovering from stroke.

Other Neurological Rehabilitation

The neuro-rehabilitation program at UH Avon Rehabilitation Hospital features comprehensive medical, nursing and therapy care to help patients with neuromuscular diseases or central nervous system disorders, helping them achieve their highest possible level of functional independence.

Conditions We Treat

Patients suffering from neuromuscular diseases or central nervous system disorders may be appropriate for the neuro-rehabilitation program, including: