Rehab Program Specifically Designed for Patients with Brain Injuries

The brain injury program at University Hospitals Avon Rehabilitation Hospital offers a group of services designed to help restore the highest possible mental and physical function to patients who have sustained a brain injury. Types of brain injury we treat include:

The center features a 12-bed secure unit designed for safety, with all-private, therapeutically designed rooms. The unit offers a low-stimulation environment for patients. During their hospitalization, patients remain on the unit to limit over-stimulation.

Patient Services

The brain injury program was designed to meet the unique needs of brain injury patients, who are often mobile but suffer from cognitive impairment. All rooms are private and close to a nursing station. The unit is secured by card swipe access to exit doors.

Specialized teams of therapists, rehabilitation nurses and physicians work with patients to achieve their recovery goals and get them back to their lives as quickly and with as much function and independence as possible. Therapists weave coping strategies, education and practical solutions into a patient’s stay, while rehabilitation nurses ensure that therapy continues throughout the day, encouraging patients to use techniques provided by their therapist. In addition, all other center staff are trained in neurobehavioral management/agitation, including respiratory therapy, housekeeping and dietary staff.

Treatment is individualized to each patient’s unique needs, with cognitive retraining permeating every aspect of care.