Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship

The Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship Program is a one year program designed to give graduates of emergency medicine residency programs the skills and knowledge to become ultrasound program directors and leaders in the field of emergency ultrasound. The goals of ultrasound fellowship training at UH are:

  • to ensure expertise in image acquisition and interpretation of all the basic and advanced applications of point of care ultrasound
  • to become familiar with the information technology required to run a point of care program to ensure image archiving and quality assurance are practiced at the highest level
  • to have a firm grasp of point of care ultrasound research and the landmark studies that have grown the field to where it is today
  • to develop a lecture library and teaching skills in point of care ultrasound
  • to develop the leadership skills necessary to advocate for the specialty on a national and international level
  • to learn the programmatic steps necessary to start an ultrasound program for emergency medicine

Interested applicants should submit their applications through eusfellowship.com and all questions can be directed to Vicki.Noble@UHHospitals.org

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