Sponsorship and Support from University Hospitals

Sponsorships are one way that UH supports the communities in our geographical footprint. It aligns with our commitment to support social service investment, along with caregiver volunteerism and board participation. Social service investment is one of three pillars in our community health investment strategy, alongside anchor & social venture investment and regional community health improvement – largely driven by our Community Health Needs Assessment process. UH values health equity and understands the importance of investing in ways that address social determinants of health. Please see below for some initial guidelines to your submission.

UH is moving away from event-based support. Preference is given to requests for programmatic support and initiatives that have measurable outcomes and are closely tied to at least one of UH’s five impact areas.

The application window is now closed until April 1, 2023. We look forward to receiving future proposals when the application form is reopened at that time.