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2018 Annual Report

UH Vision in Action

With UH Ventures new business models are developed that leverage and expand existing UH capabilities to pursue innovative opportunities that will drive definitive, sustainable and scalable value to the way we care for our patients.

UH Ventures: Disrupting Traditional Health Care Methodologies

The rapidity of change elevates the importance of innovation. UH has established UH Ventures to cultivate innovation and entrepreneurship.

UH’s Comprehensive Approach to Mitigating the Opioid Epidemic

The opioid crisis continues to cause undue heartache and substantial harm across the country. To help combat the problem, UH launched a multipronged strategy.

UH Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute’s Shock Team Saves Lives

When 55-year-old Richard Mack began exhibiting signs of cardiogenic shock, his cardiologist called the UH Shock Team.

Turning Discoveries into Medicines that Improve Health

Developing a cure for a disease or a treatment to alleviate patient suffering requires years, often decades, of painstaking research at the laboratory bench before a discovery can undergo even the first tests in humans.

Developments in Medical Research

The heartbreaking progression of Alzheimer’s disease and other age-related dementias is the reason for groundbreaking research at UH, which will hopefully turn the tide for treating patients.

It’s the DAWN of a New Day in Stroke Treatment at UH

When stroke occurs, every second counts. For those who rely on UH in this critical moment, they can take comfort in knowing they will receive the highest quality care and the latest techniques available.

Centers of Excellence: UH’s Joint Replacement Program Enhances Quality and Value While Controlling Costs

UH medical centers have been recognized as value leaders for joint replacement surgery. For over 90 percent of patients, this means an overnight hospital stay, discharge to home and a faster recovery after joint replacement surgery.

Creating the Seamless Patient Experience

As a super-regional health system, UH seamlessly cares for patients no matter where they reside.

Caring for Our Caregivers

Physicians and other caregivers within the UH family are far better at looking after their patients than themselves.

Preparing the Next Generation of Caregivers

To help ensure high quality health care continues in our community, UH has made a commitment to educate the next generation of medical professionals.

Enhancing Community Health, Advocacy and Education

While access to excellent health care is essential, social, economic and environmental factors largely determine a community’s health, and UH identified several unmet needs contributing to health inequities in our own city.

Addressing Food Insecurity and Chronic Health Conditions

While the U.S. is an advanced nation, considerable disparities exist in health care. Addressing the root causes can serve to improve a community’s quality of life.

Distinguished Physicians

For those physicians who stand out among their peers, UH honored them with recognition as a Distinguished Physician.

Creating a Pediatric Powerhouse

In a primary care office in Mentor, a UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s pediatrician calls a pediatric pulmonology colleague at our main campus, coordinating care for their young patient with asthma.

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