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2018 Annual Report

2018 Year in Review and Forward Thinking

Letter From UH CEO Tom Zenty

Science and compassion are displayed when our teams turn discoveries into medicines that improve health and provide opportunities for patients to create more memories with their families.

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2018 By the Numbers

UH Shield

The UH Team

Advancing the Science of Health and the Art of Compassion

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About UH - 2018 Highlights

The University Hospitals Vision

Advancing the Science of Health and the Art of Compassion – defines who we are and where our momentum will take us, propelling us forward is the strength of our team.

UH Strategy Addresses Market Forces

UH’s focus areas for 2019 are quality, patient experience, value and caregiver engagement.

Creating New Models to Improve Health Care Value

What if health care focused less on healing in the hospital and more on keeping you healthy at home?