Mission, Vision & Values

Mission: Why we are here

To Heal. To Teach. To Discover.

Vision: What we want to do

Advancing the Science of Health and the Art of Compassion.

Values: What we believe

Our UH Core Values: Service Excellence, Integrity, Compassion, Belonging, Trust
  • Service Excellence: We deliver the best outcomes, service, and value with the highest quality through a continuous quest for excellence and seeking ways to improve the health of those who count on us.
  • Integrity: We have a shared commitment to do what is right and adhere to the highest standards of ethics and personal responsibility to earn the trust of our caregivers and community.
  • Compassion: We have genuine concern for our patients and each other while treating everyone with respect and empathy.
  • Belonging: We value the contributions of all caregivers, and are committed to building an inclusive, encouraging and caring culture where all can thrive.
  • Trust: We depend upon our caregivers’ character, reliability and judgement.