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Pancreas Transplant Waiting List

Once a patient has been approved for a pancreas transplant they are placed on the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) waiting list. The University Hospitals Transplant Institute team provides ongoing support during what can be a time of emotional stress and anticipation.

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To refer a patient call 216-844-3689.

To learn more about our pancreas transplant program, call 216-286-6830.

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How Long is the Waiting List for a Pancreas Transplant?

There is no definitive time frame when it comes to being on a waiting list to receive a pancreas transplant. The average waiting time for combined kidney and pancreas transplant in Northeast Ohio is two years. For pancreas transplant alone, the waiting time is also around two years.

While the patient is on the pancreas transplant waiting list, doctors and the transplant team continue to follow-up every six months to ensure good medical care and quality of life, because waiting for an organ can be stressful.

Multiple Listing

Patients can be listed for a pancreas transplant at two or more transplant centers at the same time. The patient must be evaluated at each center for approval for listing because each transplant center has their own selection criteria. Multiple listing can decrease your waiting time and increase your potential organ offers. Since candidates at centers local to the donor hospital are usually considered ahead of those who are more distant, multiple listing may increase your chances of receiving a local organ offer. Patients should notify UH Transplant Institute if they are planning on listing at other transplant centers.

Receiving the Call

When the transplant surgeon identifies a suitable donor pancreas for the patient, a transplant nurse coordinator will call the patient and give the instructions regarding this particular organ offer. The patient may be asked to come to University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center within a certain window of time to begin preparing for surgery. It is vital that the patient give accurate contact information to UH Transplant Institute.