Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Second Opinion for Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease

If your child has been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease and is having difficulty attaining remission or accessing more treatment options, it’s important to seek treatment that can be effective as soon as possible. The first step in IBD treatment momentum is gaining access to the right team of pediatric IBD experts. Scheduling an appointment with the University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Pediatric IBD Program can help your child get the expert care they need.

Schedule a Second Opinion Appointment

Call 216-354-0108 or fill out our form to begin the process of receiving a UH Rainbow pediatric IBD second opinion.

A second opinion multidisciplinary appointment with the UH Rainbow Pediatric IBD Program team can provide new options for your child and allow for more involvement in treatment decisions, reducing anxiety throughout the treatment journey.


Our goal is to schedule your child with our pediatric IBD multidisciplinary team. You can talk to several experts in one convenient appointment.


With UH Rainbow’s IBD program, patients have access to a dedicated team of IBD experts, along with new medications that are being studied in our highly active clinical trial portfolio.

More Treatment Options

UH Rainbow IBD Center patients can consult with an experienced dietitian to help find options that fit their lifestyle. Patients can also meet one-on-one with the pediatric IBD pharmacist to learn about their medications and ask questions.

Second Opinion Program Benefits

  • Pediatric IBD Center coordinator. Dedicated nurse available to families and patients with IBD under our care. Contact the coordinator by calling 216-354-0108.
  • Efficient specialty access. Accelerated ability to speak by phone with a pediatric gastroenterologist.
  • Sustained relationship access. This level of access will continue throughout the duration of your care.

Next Steps for a Second Opinion

After completing the form below or calling 216-354-0108, our pediatric inflammatory bowel disease program coordinator will contact you to set up an initial phone call or virtual consult with a pediatric GI specialist.

After you have been introduced to your pediatric IBD specialist with this initial conversation, we will then set up an appointment for a second opinion. Our team will let you know what medical records (endoscopy report, imaging results, etc.) we will need at this time.

During your second opinion appointment, you will meet with a pediatric IBD specialist to discuss your child’s diagnosis and treatment options. By the end of the appointment, the pediatric IBD specialist will provide you with their expert recommendations and your next steps for receiving the care your child’s needs. We encourage you and your child to make a list of questions and concerns you may want to discuss with the UH Rainbow GI specialist.

[Optional – include preferred call back time]

Why Choose UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s?

As one of the best children’s hospitals in the country according to U.S. News & World Report for over 30 years, University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of childhood diseases, including GI conditions like inflammatory bowel disease.

At UH Rainbow, we combine the expertise of some of the country’s leading pediatric gastroenterology experts with state-of-the-art technology and leading-edge treatments to provide patients with a full continuum of care – from diagnosis through treatment and beyond.

UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s IBD Center is the most comprehensive program in the region with the largest multidisciplinary team working to help our patients reach and maintain remission.