7 Surprising Childhood Poisons

You are careful to lock up obvious poisons, such as furniture polish, bleach, oven cleaner, pesticide and gasoline. You keep medications away from children, too.

But unforeseen dangers can lurk in your home. Your child might think that powdered dish soap is sugar, for instance. These seven threats may surprise you:

  1. Baby powder: Inhaling it can cause serious breathing trouble.
  2. Button batteries: When swallowed, they can severely burn a child’s throat or cause choking.
  3. Magnets: If children swallow more than one, they can attract each other through the intestine walls, lock together and cause blockages or holes.
  4. Iron pills: Adult-strength products can cause kids to throw up blood or have bloody diarrhea.
  5. Nail glue remover and nail primer: Some removers cause cyanide poisoning if swallowed. Some primers burn the skin and mouths of children who drink them.
  6. Alcohol-laden products: Mouthwash, facial cleaners and perfumes can contain as much alcohol as cocktails. Children who swallow alcohol can have seizures, go into a coma or die.
  7. Plants: Some house plants, including philodendron and dumb cane (Dieffenbachia), are poisonous. So are many outdoor flowers and shrubs, including lily-of-the-valley, holly, foxglove, rhododendron, oleander and yew.

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