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Why More Boomers are Getting Plastic Surgery

Posted 11/18/2016 by UHBlog

Does the person looking back at you in the mirror make you feel old? There are options. Talk to us.

Why More Boomers are Getting Plastic Surgery

Most people want to be a “10,” not an “11.” What's an 11? It’s those furrows that can appear between the eyebrows, making some people look older, stern or worried. These kinds of wrinkles, along with drooping eyelids and sagging jaw lines, have prompted many baby boomers to seek out plastic surgery.

“We’re doing higher volumes of procedures, such as eyelid surgeries, facelifts and tummy tucks, and the results are very good,” says plastic surgeon Vasu Pandrangi, MD. “Boomers are researching their options, educating themselves and finding the surgeon who best meets their needs.”

According to Dr. Pandrangi, the reasons boomers turn to plastic surgery vary and include:

  • Remaining competitive in the workplace. Boomers are working longer and putting off retirement, but looking too mature can work against them and result in age discrimination.
    “One segment of our patients is younger baby boomers who are still working in their careers,” he says. “They may be in sales, promotions or work in the public eye and they don’t want these signs of aging to impact them in the workplace.”
  • Having the money for elective procedures. “At that age, many boomers can afford to get plastic surgery done,” he says. “They’re at a place in their lives where they have expendable income and they want to use it toward looking and feeling good.”
  • Looking more rejuvenated and rested. Plastic surgery procedures and non-surgical facial rejuvenation – such as Botox, fat grafts, etc.– help many boomers achieve a more youthful appearance. This, in turn, makes them feel and act younger. In fact, in one study, people who got facelifts tended to live longer, healthier lives, Dr. Pandrangi says.
  • Streamlining their bodies. In order to increase self-esteem and look better in their clothes, some patients come to Dr. Pandrangi for body contouring procedures, such as tummy tucks without the use of drain tubes, which is easier and more comfortable for patients.
    “Procedures like these change our patients’ lives,” he says. “We’re able to give patients more satisfactory results and they’re happier with their outcomes.”

With so many plastic surgery options available, boomers have more choices, Dr. Pandrangi says.

“We’re better able to tailor options to meet patients’ needs,” he says. “After all, not everyone buys a Cadillac. Some people may want to choose another type of car – maybe a Ford Focus.”

For instance, you may want to dip your toe in the water and try Botox or a filler first rather than getting a facelift.

“With plastic surgery, it's a more artistic way, a more philosophical way, of looking at things,” he says. “We’re helping patients change their appearances and achieve the lifestyle they want.”

Vasu Pandrangi, MD is a plastic surgeon at Pandrangi Plastic Surgery UHMP in Middleburg Heights, Parma and Westlake. You can request an appointment with Dr. Pandrangi or any other doctor online.

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