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Learn Mindfulness Fundamentals

Posted 1/27/2016 by UHBlog

Is stress negatively affecting your life and health? Learn how to take control.

Learn Mindfulness Fundamentals

If you made a promise to yourself this year to take control of your life, a course in mindfulness can put you on the path to success.

According to Suzanne Cushwa Rusnak, MEd, MSSA, people who participate in mindfulness training learn skills that many say alter their lives and lead to improved self-care and well-being.

“Most people who practice mindfulness say they have an improved sense of well-being, and that alone is very life-altering for them,” she says. “They notice they now have an improved ability to regulate their emotions. They realize that they have choices about how to respond in a given situation – they don’t have to react reflexively. People find it very liberating to know this.”

Rusnak, who coordinates University Hospitals Connor Integrative Health Network’s ongoing mindfulness programming, says recent neurological research indicates that practicing mindfulness can have a positive influence on your immune system and overall brain function. In addition to increased feelings of well-being and the ability to pay attention and regulate emotion, practicing mindfulness can result in:

  • Minimized pain sensitivity
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Decreased anxiety

UH Connor Integrative Health Network offers mindfulness programs at multiple locations, including at University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center and the Parma Health Education Center. You’ll learn how to create an ongoing mindfulness practice and techniques to use in various situations. Additionally, you’ll receive a journal/workbook and a CD. You can learn more about UH Connor Integrative Health Network’s mindfulness programs online, or by calling 216-285-4070.

“You’ll learn how to bring mindful attention to anything you’re doing and how to focus on what is happening at the present moment,” Rusnak says. “This helps to calm your nervous system and lower your stress. It gives your mind a moment to reboot.”

Suzanne Cushwa Rusnak, MEd, MSSA is the coordinator of mindfulness programming at UH Connor Integrative Health Network. You can request an appointment with Rusnak or any other UH Connor Integrative Health Network provider online.

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