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Three Ways Life Coaching Improves Your Mental Health

Posted 1/9/2015 by UHBlog

If you’re feeling depressed or anxious, don’t suffer in silence. Let your doctor know.

Three Ways Life Coaching Improves Your Mental Health

Feel stuck in your life, unfulfilled or lacking in direction? You might benefit from a life coach.

“Life coaches are trained to help you heighten your self-awareness, validate your strengths, boost your confidence and guide you to visualize a positive future,” says stress reliance specialist and life coach Heidi M. Weiker, MSSA.

The service strikes a chord among people who want to derive more meaning from their lives. “It’s the contemporary thing to do – hire a coach – and it’s different from therapy,” says Weiker. The biggest difference: “Coaching focuses on giving you hands-on methods and evidence-based tools for creating positive changes,” she says.

Here are three ways that life coaching can boost your mental health and well-being:

  1. Identifying your strengths. You can make better choices if you know how to capitalize on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. “Data show that 70 percent of us can’t identify our own strengths,” says Weiker. “Our goal is to give you a solid understanding of what makes you strong, unique and talented and how to use those gifts to get where you want to go.”
  2. Providing you practical information and tools. It’s helpful to reflect on the factors and forces that got you where you are. But a good life coach will also help you prepare a blueprint for taking action in the future. “We give you guidance on putting to use everything you’ve learned,” Weiker says. “People will often tell me that they walk away from coaching with an idea of moving forward and how to utilize resources to make a change in their lives.”
  3. Connecting your passion to your purpose. What do you feel you were put on this earth to do? A life coach will help you figure it out. “Sometimes your purpose doesn’t match you career,” says Weiker. “But we work on how you can put your multiple purposes into practice.”

Life coaching can be tailored to your needs. You might benefit from just a handful of sessions or need one every week for a few months. Usually there is “homework” – behavioral steps and practices you perform between visits that help reinforce your intentions and help you reach your goals.

“We can help you live a life you design, rather than reacting to life as it’s moving along,” says Weiker.

Heidi M. Weiker, MSSA, is a life coach and stress-resilience specialist at UH Connor Integrative Health Network. You can request an appointment with Weiker or any other health care provider online.

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