Current Opportunities

The following list represents some of the areas of service of UH Richmond Medical Center, a campus of UH Regional Hospitals volunteers. We will make every effort to honor your preferences regarding placement. However, placements are based on hospital needs and your time and availability. Note that the minimum age to volunteer is 15 years and a sophomore in high school. Some positions may require a higher age.

One to One Patient Contact:

Work directly with patients and provide services, as well as emotional support. Work directly with patients and provide non-medical care, as well as emotional support.

Information Desk:

Provide telephone numbers and locations of patients; direct guests and visitors to their destinations; complete other tasks as time allows.


Provide support with office duties in many departments.

To apply for UH Richmond Medical Center volunteer opportunities:

Please fill out our Volunteer Application.

If you have any questions or would like further information:
Please contact the Volunteer Office at 440-585-6431 or email .

Helpful Links

* Compliance training site
* Observation Application
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All observers are required to complete compliance training. Turn in confirmation page with completed observation application to the Observation Coordinator. For questions, call 440-585-6431.

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