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Volunteering at UH Richmond Medical Center, a campus of UH Regional Hospitals

With growth comes exciting, new challenges and the need for services that only a volunteer can provide. Volunteers are an integral part in our effort to deliver the best healthcare possible.

Information About Our Volunteer Group

We are a small close-knit group. Each volunteer who is present for four hours receives a meal in the UH Richmond Medical Center Café with a $6.50 limit. A Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon is held each year. Rewards and gifts are presented at that time. We also have one activity per year outside of the hospital.

Your Commitment

Prior to applying as a volunteer, consider your lifestyle and other commitments. We ask our volunteers to schedule four hours per week, with the commitment of a minimum of six months, and one mandatory meeting per year. You will have a training period and attend orientation. Our professional and administrative staff will learn to know and depend upon you.

We welcome high school and college students and will work to adjust to your changing schedules, if possible.

Volunteer Opportunities

Please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page.

If you have any questions or would like further information:
Please contact the Volunteer Office at 440-585-6431 or by email at .

Helpful Links

* Compliance training site
* Observation Application
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All observers are required to complete compliance training. Turn in confirmation page with completed observation application to the Observation Coordinator. For questions, call 440-585-6431.

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