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Caring for Moms and Babies

Your journey toward a memorable and happy delivery begins when you pre-register to have your baby at University Hospitals MacDonald Women’s Hospital.

New lives begin here every day—not just for babies but for their parents, siblings, grandparents and other loved ones.

When you have a baby, it’s more than a new addition – it’s the beginning of a new way of life. Our staff will show you how to care for your baby.

We’ll also discuss the needs you may have after childbirth (postpartum). And when you just want to talk, we’ll be here to listen. We want to help you adjust to your new life as quickly and easily as possible.

Family-Centered Care

To help both mother and father get to know their baby during the first few days after birth, you’re encouraged to have your baby stay with you any time, day or night. The only times babies may need to be returned to the nursery are for a short time in the morning for an examination by your pediatrician and for any blood work. Fathers are invited to visit and participate in their baby’s care whenever possible. Discuss your wishes for visitors with your nurse.

We understand new fathers may be nervous about holding or caring for their new son or daughter. We want you to know that we are here to assist you, too, whether by answering your questions, addressing your concerns or helping you learn to take care of your new baby. If the baby’s mother is in a private room or a double room without another patient, you may stay overnight.

Mother-Baby Care

Our professional nursing staff practices Mother-Baby care; that is, the nurse who takes care of you also will take care of your baby. Your nursing staff will include a registered nurse (RN) and a patient care assistant (PCA).

Your postpartum nurse will:

  • Care for you and your baby throughout your hospital stay
  • Help you and your family learn more about your own health needs and the care of your baby (so you’ll know how to care for both of you in the hospital and at home)
  • Work closely with your physician and your

Hospital Safety

While you are in the hospital, it is important that you never permit anyone without a hospital photo identification (ID) badge on their clothing to take your baby out of your room. (The team at UH MacDonald Women’s Hospital has a red title designation on their nametags.) When in doubt, turn on your nurse call light and ask for your nurse. When you shower, leave the baby in your room with the door closed or return your baby to the nursery.

UH MacDonald Women’s Hospital has an electronic infant security system: Only the person with an ID band matching your baby’s may take your baby from the nursery. Likewise, your nurse will always check your baby’s band against your band when bringing the baby to your room to ensure that you have your baby.

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