Patient Pricing Information

In compliance with state law, UH Conneaut Medical Center is providing this price list containing our charges for room and board, emergency department, operating room, delivery, physical therapy and other procedures. The hospital's charges are the same for all patients, but a patient's responsibility may vary, depending on payment plans negotiated with individual health insurers. Uninsured or underinsured patients should consult with our admitting and billing staff to determine whether they qualify for discounts. These prices are correct as of January 1, 2018.

Room and Board – Per Day Charges

Adult Intensive care  
Neuro/Cardio/Medical/Surgical 2,150.00
Telemetry/ICU Stepdown 1,570.00
Routine Care  
Semi-Private 1,155.00
Critical Access Swing Bed 645.00

Labor and Delivery Charges

This Service is not provided at UH Conneaut Medical Center.

Emergency Department Charges

Emergency Department charges are based on the level of emergency care provided to our patients. The levels, with level 1 representing basic emergency care, reflect the type of accommodations needed, the personnel resources, the intensity of care and the amount of time needed to provide treatment. The following charges do not include fees for drugs, supplies or additional ancillary procedures that may be required for a particular emergency treatment. They also do not include fees for Emergency Department physicians, who will bill separately for their services.

Level 1 255.00
Level 2 486.00
Level 3 932.00
Level 4 1,396.00
Level 5 1,862.00
Critical Care 2,324.00

Operating Room Charges

Operating Room charges are based on the complexity level, with level 6 being the most complex for a particular operation. There is an initial, set-up charge as well as an additional charge for each minute. The following list does not include charges for anesthesia, drugs, or supplies required for the operating room procedure. Fees for professional services of the surgeon and anesthesiologist will be billed by the physician.

  Set-Up Charge Per Minute Charge
Level 6 4,591.00 112.00
Level 5 3,759.00 107.00
Level 4 3,007.00 95.00
Level 3 2,313.00 89.00
Level 2 1,771.00 71.00
Level 1 1,180.00 59.00

Physical Therapy Charges

The following charges reflect the most common services offered by our Physical Therapy department. Patients may have additional charges, depending on the services performed.

Electrical Stimulation Unattended 119.00
Gait Training Therapy, each 15 min. 115.00
Manual Therapy, each 15 min. 124.00
Neuromuscular Re-education, each 15 min. 117.00
PT Evaluation 299.00
Therapeutic Activities, each 15 min. 125.00
Therapeutic Exercise, each 15 min. 127.00
US each, 15 min 107.00

Occupational Therapy Charges

This Service is not provided at UH Conneaut Medical Center.

Pulmonary Therapy Charges

The following charges reflect the most common services offered by our Pulmonary Therapy department. Patients may have additional charges, depending on the services performed.

ABG any combo pH/pCO2/pO2/CO2/HCO3 271.00
Aerosol Inhalation Treatment 152.00
Arterial Puncture for ABG 130.00
BIPAP 788.00
Diffusing Capacity 346.00
Pre/Post Spirometry 636.00
Pulse Ox Single Determination 132.00
Spirometry/Vital Capacity 216.00
Ventilation Assist Initial Day IP/OBSV 1,261.00
Ventilation Assist, each Subsequent Day IP/OBSV 743.00

Cardiology Charges

The following charges reflect the most common services offered by our Cardiology department. Patients may have additional charges, depending on the services performed.

Cardiac Stress Test 1,100.00
Echo Real Time Complete w/Spectral 2,600.00
EKG 12 Lead Tracing 278.00

X-Ray and Radiological Charges

The following charges reflect the hospital’s most common x-ray and radiological procedures.

Abdomen 1 View 274.00
Ankle Complete Min 3 Views 473.00
Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Bilateral 77.00
Chest Single View 402.00
CT Chest with Contrast 2,347.00
CT Chest w/o Contrast 2,041.00
CT Head without contrast 1,688.00
CT Abdomen and Pelvis with contrast material 3,350.00
CT Abdomen and Pelvis without contrast material 3,250.00
Dexa 1 or More Sites Axial Skeleton 647.00
Digital Mammography Bilateral w/CAD 669.00
Duplex Scan Extracranial Arteries Complete Bilat 1,715.00
Duplex Scan Veins Extrem Complete Bilat Study 1,544.00
Duplex Scan Veins Extrem Unilat Limited Study 1,247.00
Fluoroscopic Guide Thx Inj Procedure 803.00
Foot Complete Minimum 3 Views 545.00
Hand Minimum 3 Views 402.00
Hip Unilateral with Pelvis 2 – 3 Views 467.00
Knee 1 Or 2 Views 387.00
Knee 3 Views 400.00
Knee Complete 4 Or More Views 500.00
Pelvis 1 Or 2 Views 286.00
Shoulder Complete Minimum 2 Views 475.00
Spine Cervical Minimum 4 Views 632.00
Spine Lumbosacral 2 or 3 Views 417.00
Spine Lumbosacral Min 4 Views 618.00
Ultrasound Abdominal Limited 719.00
Ultrasound Pelvic Non-ob Complete 816.00
Ultrasound Transvaginal 937.00
Wrist Complete Minimum 3 Views 504.00

Laboratory Charges

The following charges reflect the hospital’s 30 most common laboratory procedures.

APTT 105.00
Basic Metabolic Panel 167.00
C Reactive Protein 132.00
CK CPK Total 122.00
CK-MB 157.00
Complete CBC Auto 124.00
Complete CBC Auto with Auto Diff 133.00
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel 270.00
Culture Bacterial Blood 206.00
Culture Other Source 178.00
Culture Urine CC 172.00
Drug Screen Rapid 54.00
ESR Westergren 100.00
Hematocrit 58.00
Hemoglobin Glycated A1C 156.00
Hepatic Function Panel 193.00
Lipase 155.00
Lipid Panel 195.00
Magnesium 94.00
NT proBNP 282.00
Prostate Specific Antigen 173.00
Prothrombin Time 105.00
Thyroid TSH 187.00
Thyroxine total T4 136.00
Troponin Quant 183.00
Urinalysis auto w/microscopy 126.00
Urinalysis Auto w/o microscopy 78.00
Venipuncture 20.00

Surgical Pathology

Level IV Surgical Pathology 613.00
Level V Surgical Pathology 815.00

Hospital Billing Policies

If you received services at UH Conneaut Medical Center, your hospital charges are managed through the Central Business Office of University Hospitals.

Shortly after receiving services, you will receive your Personal Account Statement. The statement is generated and mailed to you at the same time your charges are submitted to your insurance carrier. You are ultimately responsible for your account balance; therefore it is important that you carefully review your Personal Account Statement. The Hospital does not charge interest on balances due from you.

In addition to your hospital bill, you may receive separate bills from your physician or other professional service providers involved in your hospital care. If you have a question regarding your Hospital Based Physician Bill or would like to make payment, we ask that you contact them directly. Please refer to the Hospital Based Physician Information on this web site.

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