Center for Oculoplastics and Neuro-Ophthalmology

Providing Expert Diagnosis and Care for Diseases of the Face, Eyelid and Visual Pathways

University Hospitals Eye Institute’s Center for Oculoplastics and Neuro-Ophthalmology is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of ophthalmologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons and plastics surgeons, all dedicated to advancing the fields of oculoplastics and neuro-ophthalmology through a strong commitment to clinical expertise, innovative research and by teaching tomorrow’s healers. Our physicians also hold full-time faculty appointments at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.

Treating Diseases of the Eyelids and Face with Surgical Expertise

The oculoplastics and reconstruction program provides medical and surgical expertise in diseases that affect the eyelids, eyebrows, face, tearing canal and orbits. The team is compromised of surgeons and medical doctors who care for both children and adults with congenital, traumatic and acquired problems that threaten vision.

Neuro-Ophthalmology Team Treats Diseases of the Optic Nerve and Brain

The neuro-ophthalmology program provides diagnostic and management consultation for adults and pediatric diseases of the optic nerve and brain that affect the vision, abnormalities of the pupil, eye movement problems and double vision, orbital diseases, headaches, and unexplained visual loss.

Special studies include eye movement recordings of complex ocular motility disturbances, visual field testing, and neuropsychological evaluations of the visual consequences of structural and degenerative brain disorders. In conjunction with University Hospitals Neurological Institute and the UH Eye Institute, the program offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services.

Specializing in a Range of Surgical Procedures

The Center for Oculoplastics and Neuro-Ophthalmology team performs procedures that include:

  • Botulinum toxin injections for the treatment of cranial dystonias and hemifacial spasms
  • Cosmetic eyelid and face surgery
  • Endoscopic surgery
  • Orbital surgery
  • Orbital tumor surgery
  • Reconstruction of the face and eyelids after Mohs micrographic surgery
  • Repair of eyelid and lacrimal trauma
  • Surgery for tearing problems
  • Thyroid eye disease surgery

The program also offers cosmetic eyelid procedures such as:

  • Botox
  • Brow lifts
  • Dermal fillers
  • Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)
  • Latisse treatments

Orbital and ocular ultrasonography, fine-needle aspiration biopsy and other specialized diagnostic services are also readily obtainable.

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