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2016 Eighth Annual Parkinson’s Boot Camp Draws Almost 1,000

Nearly a year after Greg Grindley’s Brain Surgery Live aired on the National Geographic Channel, the Parkinson’s patient strolled to the stage sans cane at the Sept. 10 Boot Camp, a powerful reminder of the possibilities available through the University Hospitals Neurological Institute.

The good-natured Limaville, Ohio, man told nearly 1,000 people at the Eighth Annual Parkinson’s Disease Boot Camp that he is taking one-quarter of the medicine he routinely needed prior to his deep brain stimulation surgery. His neurologist, Camilla Kilbane, MD, told the attendees from Northeast Ohio and all over the nation that the adjustments are a work in progress, increasing brain stimulation while decreasing medication.

The event, held this year at the Huntington Convention Center in downtown Cleveland, emphasized the benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle to combat this degenerative disease’s symptoms: tremors, slowed body movement, difficulty with basic motor functions, stiffness, impaired speech and slowed cognitive ability. In addition to presentations on the latest treatment and therapies for Parkinson’s, participants chose between breakout sessions on yoga, exercise and boxing.

“I don’t want you to feel you’ve lost your identity with Parkinson’s,” said Boot Camp founder Benjamin Walter, MD, Director, Movement Disorders Center and Medical Director of the Deep Brain Stimulation Program. “This is not just a movement disorder. It can affect your mood and your mind. We want to create a safe environment for you.”


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PD Champion Award Recipient

Karen Jaffee, MD with Benjamin Walter, MD

Karen Jaffee, MD with Benjamin Walter, MD

Every year we give an award to an individual who has had a significant impact on the Parkinson’s community. This year’s honor went to Dr. Karen Jaffe, a well respected obstetrician. Unlike most of our other recipients of this award in the past, Dr. Jaffe is living every day with Parkinson’s disease. She was diagnosed when she was only 48 years old. Like many individuals first diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, this hit her very hard. After attending one of our first boot camps she commented that she loved the boot camp, but it scared her also as she had not yet confronted Parkinson’s in such a bold way. And that’s when she hit back.

Dr. Jaffee initially started single-handedly knitting beautiful, what she called, Fox Wraps, to raise funds for PD. She knit 200 raising $20,000. Dr. Jaffe and her husband, Marc then started a non-profit foundation called "Shaking with Laughter" in 2011. Through amazing events, in just 5 short years, this foundation has raised OVER $870,000 for the Michael J. Fox Foundation. She is a founder of InMotion, a center in Warrensville Heights offering free exercise classes, education classes, and other programs to individuals in the Parkinson’s community. She serves on the patient advisory council at the Michael J Fox Foundation. She has received awards such as Dr. Rana International Parkinson’s Community Service Award and now has received the PD Champion Award.

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