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Epilepsy Center Provides Unmatched Innovation and Experience in Reducing Seizures

The Epilepsy Center at University Hospitals Neurological Institute is a national leader and innovator in the technique of stereotactic electroencephalography (sEEG) for identifying the brain region producing epilepsy symptoms in a patient so that surgical removal of this area can produce remission from seizures. We use advanced brain mapping cortical stimulation techniques. We also offer the only program in the U.S. that performs multiple hippocampal transections, which are surgical procedures to preserve memory. Other factors that distinguish our center include:

  • A staff consisting of some of the world’s most qualified and accomplished epilepsy specialists, including dedicated epileptologists
  • Leadership in diagnostic techniques (e.g., brain mapping) enables more epilepsy patients to benefit from therapeutic surgery, including those who are not responding to medical therapy
  • Extensive experience in medical and surgical therapies, and in quickly evaluating the best path for progress to eliminate or control epileptic seizures
  • Researchers who have contributed to the development of new therapies for epilepsy; the Epilepsy Center is one of only two centers in the country with National Institutes of Health funding for sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) research
  • Advanced computer diagnostic technology for electrical source imaging that enables the team to accurately identify interictal and ictal epileptiform activity

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