Seizure Free Approach

Epilepsy Center Helps Patients Enjoy a Seizure-Free Life

At University Hospitals Epilepsy Center and the Pediatric Epilepsy Center at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, we don’t want to just reduce a patient’s seizures; we want to eliminate them completely.

With a focus on helping patients enjoy a healthy and seizure-free life, our epilepsy team delivers comprehensive, family-centered care to adults and children of all ages.

The UH Epilepsy Center and the Pediatric Epilepsy Center have a proven track record of treating patients and stopping their seizures because we provide the following:

Accurate Diagnosis

The key to effectively treating seizures starts with an accurate diagnosis. We provide comprehensive assessments using state-of-the-art technologies and tests, including an inpatient pediatric video EEG monitoring unit and high-resolution MRI, PET and SPECT imaging technologies. This approach enables us to accurately diagnose new onset seizures, spells that mimic seizures and epileptic disorders that arise from many different causes.

Best Practices in Pediatric Epilepsy Management

At University Hospitals, we employ an individualized approach to patient care that incorporates specialized programs, newer medications, advanced surgery and other innovative therapies, all closely monitored by board-certified epileptologists and epilepsy nurses.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Once a patient’s epilepsy is assessed and diagnosed, we devise customized care plans tailored specifically to meet the needs of the patient and their family. Plans include clinical drug trials, novel medications and advanced surgical therapies to improve outcomes.

Pre-surgical Evaluation

Our advanced pre-surgical techniques, including brain mapping, expand the treatment options available to a greater percentage of our patients. Our epilepsy monitoring units help us to pinpoint the source of seizure activity in patients who may be candidates for epilepsy surgery.

Surgical Therapy

Our epileptologists perform extensive pre-surgical evaluations using the latest technology and work with experienced neurosurgeons, radiologists, neuropsychologists and psychiatrists to treat seizures with specialized and individually tailored brain surgery. The surgery is not only a safe and viable treatment option, it is proven in many cases to completely eliminate seizures.

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