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University Hospitals Is Home to Northeast Ohio’s First Certified Comprehensive Stroke Center

UH Neurological Institiute Comprehensive Stroke Center

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University Hospitals Case Medical Center is the first hospital in northeast Ohio to achieve The Joint Commission’s rigorous standards for Comprehensive Stroke Center Certification. This certification showcases our ability to treat the most complex stroke cases. UH Case Medical Center is the second designated Comprehensive Stroke Center in Ohio and 19th in the U.S.

University Hospitals offers the highest quality of stroke care in the region through its network of community hospitals. Patients can expect the same high level of care at all UH locations because our community hospitals are all designated as Primary Stroke Centers and have direct access to the expertise and resources at UH Case Medical Center.

As a UH-designated Center of Excellence, the Comprehensive Stroke Center brings together leading experts from a variety of disciplines that collaborate using the latest clinical advances and technologies. Many are involved in nationally funded research that may lead to future innovations in medical care.

Expert Clinical Team Improves Quality of Life for Stroke Patients at UH

To ensure optimal outcomes and improve the quality of life for stroke patients, University Hospitals Neurological Institute’s Comprehensive Stroke Center in Cleveland, Ohio, offers the area’s most experienced team of stroke specialists. This group includes:

  • Board-certified vascular neurologists
  • Neurointensivists
  • Interventional neuroradiologists
  • Cerebrovascular neurosurgeons
  • Nursing and support staff experienced in stroke care

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. and the leading cause of adult disability. Approximately 800,000 people suffer from a stroke each year.

With expert stroke rehabilitation and post-stroke care, recovery from stroke is possible. In fact, more than half of stroke patients regain functional independence. However, 15 to 30 percent are permanently disabled and about 20 percent require institutional care.

Leading-Edge Expertise and Technology for Stroke Treatment

The Comprehensive Stroke Center also offers an array of services and technologies to help patients during and after stroke, including:

  • A Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit staffed 24/7 by neurointensivists and specialty-trained nurses
  • An extensive array of diagnostic technologies for detecting stroke symptoms and damage, including:
  • Administration of tPA or "clot busting therapy" for ischemic stroke
  • Rehabilitation specialists who employ leading-edge techniques to speed recovery after stroke
  • A dedicated stroke prevention clinic
  • 24/7 availability for emergency transfers

Multiple Honors and Achievements in Comprehensive Stroke Care

The Comprehensive Stroke Center has a long history of accomplishments, including:

  • Certification by The Joint Commission as the first Comprehensive Stroke Center in northeast Ohio
  • Achieving Gold Plus status from the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association
  • Offering the first physician-led brain attack program in Ohio
  • Receiving the Annual Performance Achievement Award for Stroke from the American Heart Association

The Joint Commission has designated all eligible UH regional hospitals as Primary Stroke Centers, recognizing that our facilities make exceptional efforts to foster better outcomes for stroke patients.

Our network of hospitals also meets Brain Attack Coalition criteria for a comprehensive stroke center because it fulfills the following criteria:

  • 24/7 emergency admissions and transfers
  • Management of complex diseases in patients who are considered high-risk due to age, coexisting conditions or inability to tolerate anesthesia
  • A Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit staffed by neurointensivists and specially trained nurses who provide around-the-clock care for critically ill patients
  • Dedicated stroke inpatient service staffed by neurologists who are board-certified vascular neurologists
  • Renowned neurosurgeons experienced in complex procedures such as aneurysm repair, vascular reformations and operations used to bypass diseased arteries
  • An experienced team of neurointerventionalists offering minimally invasive stroke procedures such as endovascular ablation of aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), angioplasty and stenting of extracranial and intracranial stenosis, and emergency treatment of acute stroke or vasospasm
  • Rehabilitation specialists to speed recovery after stroke
  • A dedicated stroke clinic for ongoing therapy and management of conditions that can coexist with stroke
Warning Signs of Stroke

Download the Give Me 5! checklist.

Warning Signs of Stroke

To learn more about the warning signs of stroke, review the Stroke Collaborative’s Give Me 5! checklist of questions.

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