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The Latest Stem Cell Transplant Options at University Hospitals

University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center’s Stem Cell Transplant Program offers a variety of treatment options.

Supportive Care Transplant Trials

Quality of life is an important measurement of treatment success. We are conducting studies aimed at assessing this dimension of care with our patients:

  • Assessments of patients who undergo stem cell transplants from donors
  • Reviews of the quality of life for donors who donate stem cells for their siblings

Pharmacy Services

Patients undergoing a stem cell transplant have complex medication needs. It is not unusual for 30 or more different drugs to be prescribed for these patients. To achieve the best possible results, a pharmacist with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree with detailed knowledge and experience in bone marrow transplantation is present to manage each patient’s unique circumstances.

The Doctor of Pharmacy performs a variety of tasks for both the patient's care team and the patient and family directly. Such tasks include:

  • Seeing patients with the care team daily
  • Consulting colleagues on medication choices and dosages
  • Preventing adverse drug reactions and interactions
  • Counseling patients and families
  • Monitoring drug therapy related to clinical trials

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