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University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center Equips Patients with Proper Medication Instructions

At the Urologic Oncology Center, our team of physicians educates patients and family members regarding which medications should be avoided before undergoing a surgical procedure for the treatment of adrenal cancer. Patients with additional questions regarding medication use should contact their UH Seidman Cancer Center physician for more information. Patients and families can count on our team to discuss and diffuse any issues surrounding the surgical process.

Two weeks prior to surgery, a patient should abstain from taking:

  • Aspirin
  • Plavix
  • Ibuprofen, including Motrin or Advil
  • NSAIDs, including Aleve or Relafen
  • All gout medications, including indomethacin and colchicines

One week before surgery, patients should abstain from taking any type of blood thinner. Patients should also avoid:

  • Glucosamine
  • Chondroitin
  • Vitamin E
  • Ginseng
  • St. John's Wort
  • Garlic supplements
  • Glucophage
  • Metformin

On the day of surgery, a patient should refrain from taking:

  • Water pills and diuretics including lasix/furosemide
  • Hydrochlorothiazide
  • Aldactone/spironolactone
  • Diovan HCT

If required, patients should take the following medications on the day of surgery:

  • Antihypertensives (blood pressure medications)
  • Heart medications
  • Insulin (patients and physicians should collaborate to adjust for the correct dosage)

Patients should rely on their primary care physician for the appropriate medication dosing instructions prior to surgery.

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