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Providing Cancer Patients with State-of-the-Art Technology

Since the beginning of University Hospitals' cancer program, giving patients access to the most effective diagnostics and treatment options has always been a priority.

We know that advanced technology enables us to make earlier and more precise diagnoses. Targeted and less invasive treatment options promote more accurate procedures and shorter hospital stays.

University Hospitals Sediman Cancer Center houses some of the world’s most instrumental technologies for cancer care.


Imaging manufacturer Philips Healthcare designated UH Seidman Cancer Center as a Center of Excellence. This recognition means an investment in advancing our cancer services. Our center is equipped with one of the world’s first PET/MRI machines. This diagnostic imaging technology provides our physicians with significant information about a patient’s anatomy along with specific molecular data related to cells.

Another advanced technology our physicians use is intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging (iMRI). While a patient is having surgery, the physician can scan the surgical area to make sure the entire tumor has been removed. This eliminates the need to have an individual return to the operating room for further surgeries.


One of the many ways our radiation oncologists utilize treatment is through image-guided radiation therapy. The pinpoint accuracy of this technology allows healthy tissue to survive while destroying the cancerous tumor.

UH Seidman Cancer Center's oncologists also use the CyberKnife® system. UH was the first health system in Ohio to offer patients this noninvasive, pain-free radiation treatment option. Its submillimeter accuracy shrinks tumors, removing the need for physicians to perform open surgeries or alternative radiation therapies. This option helps patients recover faster and return to their normal activities at a much quicker rate. It also cuts the traditional 45-day radiation treatment cycle to just five days.

Minimally Invasive Surgeries

New technology that UH physicians use for cancer surgery includes the daVinci® Surgical System. Utilizing this system involves making small incisions that allow a surgeon to view a 3D image of the surgical site. Surgical oncologists also have enhanced maneuverability using robotic arms to achieve an optimal outcome.

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