A Second Opinion Can Help Patients Make Informed Decisions About Their Health

UH Second Opinion Program BenefitsSecond opinions are frequently recommended by the medical community and can offer patients peace of mind. Getting a second medical opinion can be an important step, especially when dealing with serious medical conditions or new treatments. Also, those who live in remote areas can receive expert second opinions in spite of distance or mobility. We believe medical second opinions can be a life-saving tool to help patients:

  • Confirm a medical diagnosis and treatment options
  • Consider a different diagnosis
  • Discuss preventive measures
  • Learn about the best treatment options

It is often in a patient’s best interest to seek a second opinion, particularly when faced with a serious or complex diagnosis that will affect quality of life. It is every patient’s right to be as informed as possible about their health, diagnosis and treatment options.

Influences on a Physician’s Opinion

Our position as one of the nation’s leading academic medical centers means that we educate the doctors of tomorrow, requiring us to have:

  • The latest technology
  • Current familiarity with the diagnoses and treatments
  • Best evidence-based methods of treatment
  • Highest level of physician training

How Our Specialists Can Help

With a second opinion, our highly trained specialists at University Hospitals can help:

  • Confirm that a physician’s treatment recommendation is the best one
  • Evaluate the diagnosis
  • Explore other treatment options

Especially when the diagnosis is not clear, getting a second opinion can confirm or revise the diagnosis so the appropriate treatment is rendered.

Expert Approach

Patients who seek a second opinion benefit from our expert team of specialists, all who are leaders in their field. Depending on the diagnosis, our specialists work together to devise the most effective treatment plan for each patient. The following UH clinical professionals support our specialists:

  • A team of skilled nurses
  • Advanced nurse practitioners
  • Technicians

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