Geriatric Medicine

Expert Senior Care at a Convenient, Close-to-Home Location

UH Richmond Medical Center, a campus of UH Regional Hospitals provides compassionate, personalized care specifically geared toward our community’s seniors.

Our geriatric medicine program utilizes every hospital resource to expand our range of services for older, medically complex patients. This comprehensive program features:

  • Advanced elder care education for clinical staff
  • Elder care nurse certification
  • Protocols for reducing hospital stays and elder-specific health risks
  • Improved transitioning to home, long-term or skilled nursing care

Senior ER Designed to Meet the Needs of Elderly Patients

UH Richmond Medical Center also features a Senior ER, with specialized emergency treatment for older adults is provided in an environment that includes soft lighting, safety rails, visual and hearing assistance devices, and mattresses that reduce pressure on the skin and back.

At our Senior ER, patients have 24-hour access to physicians and nurses trained in senior care, who will provide a clinical assessment within 30 minutes.

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For more information about the geriatrics program or the Senior ER at UH Richmond Medical Center, please call 440-585-6329.

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